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What is virtual Dinar?

Virtual Dinar is a digital, decentralized payment system where every user automatically verifies with his own wallet, a program running on his computer, all the transactions and balances coming from other users: owners of a virtual Dinar digital wallet can receive and send money with no banks or third parties, directly from their computer or mobile device!

What is a wallet?

A wallet is virtual Dinar's main program, automatically requesting every information from the web and checking it for you, to let you know balances and transactions of the whole system. In your wallet you can also see your virtual, public addresses where you will be receiving virtual Dinars and from which you can send virtual Dinars on someone else's addresses.

Where is it available?

System rules do not categorize foreign users and local ones and therefore do not imply any borders. Though, virtual Dinar's core gathers 2% of newly formed coins for local donations that will be used as a help to people in need from our area, defending the project's localization and its social utility!

Get started

First of all you'll need a wallet in order to generate new public digital addresses where you will receive virtual Dinars. By obtaining a wallet you'll get access to virtual Dinar's network and you'll be able to notify users about your actions, about your transactions. A wallet is a free program you can easily download on every computer.

Your wallet doesn't have to be online at all times to let you receive virtual Dinars, as other active users will receive the information for you and keep it for you until you reconnect, then they'll finally notify you. It is very important to never lose your addresses' passwords held in the wallet by uninstalling it whilst not having copied them somewhere, as your passwords and addresses represent your digital identity.


Choose your computer's operating system

How to get Dinars

As virtual Dinar represents a decentralized system with no main peer who could produce new coins, approximately every 2 and a half minutes the whole network rewards users who left their devices on virtual Dinar's service with newly generated money. So, how can you leave your computer on the network's service? How can you be rewarded with Dinars?


Mining is a process both representing the network's security and supplying new coins: devices, computers, automatically guessing solutions to mathematical problems, will be allowed to choose an address where the newly generated coins will be sent. This mathematical problem will update every time someone guesses the solution, so no one can know solutions to future problems. In this way the network is proven to rely on calculation power behind all the transactions.

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Other ways

You can obtain virtual Dinars the same way you do for any existing currency, by buying them or any other way that could let you have an agreement with someone to send you some virtual Dinars in exchange for services or other currencies. For example, you can exchange Bitcoin, a different but popular cryptocurrency, for virtual Dinars on our official exchange website "Voda".

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